This is probably not what abyss near Pure Land and the Holy Land ...... Fan Ye watched from afar, said: impossible to have such a great eagle, its body golden, shining golden glory, great shape boundless, like most of the myths and legends of the golden-winged Dapeng! Many people do not know. Bronze giant coffin lot of people can not help but cried out, eyes are no longer Ying Huo ancient star on the dark and desolate stretch of Scarlet. Hilltop near a strangely shaped rocks and vigorous old trees, vinmonclair es as well as the thickness of the bucket-like coiled dragons, more grass green grass and fragrant flowers, full of vigor and vitality. The joke is not nice, no one showing a smile, all glanced around, then reflective. More than just not Pure Land and the Holy Land, If, as the inscription is written like that, probably not what good ground. Of course, that is only a few hundred words Tao Te Ching, the protagonist can not hear thgiubbotti moncler e sound of God is a moral scriptures. Far from empty, there seems an eagle circling, very special, because it is actually covered in golden, even very far apart, you can still feel the kind of brilliant, like gold casting, Quintana has golden shine. Ancient no cicadas, no grasshopper on the grass, no birds in the sky, some just silent. Nine percent of the surrounding mountains like the endless abyss, nine huge bronze dragon corpse anmoncler daunenmantel d go after the fall of ancient coffins, has not heard any response, seem never fall to the end. Long Longlong nine large mouth bronze dragon corpse there is that ancient coffins and mountain sliding rumbling sound, eventually falling under that speed straight up and down the cliff! Crowd quickly went over, opened Kuteng, brushed Duanbei sticks and dry leaves on, suddenly felt quaint, inscribed three ancient word, pen force Chen Ning strong, vigorous,moncler t shirt such as dragons, flowing breath years, do not know how many years of existence. Bright! Indeed! However, deep sky, unpredictable universe, like a cemetery Kuji, desolate, is the eternal cold and darkness, life did not detect any signals. This is a fracture of the stone, the following words should be there, but the body of the monument after fragmentation has no way to restore. Bang when suddenly, the crowd behind the bronze giant coffin uttered metal vibrato, suddenly touched themoncler jackets for women hearts of everyone's nerves, uniform looked back. Normally, this should be a broad valley, one can look up in the end fishes, because nine is not a towering mountain. Wang Ziwen took his words and said: You can grab a giant elephant, is really incredible!

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